Shipping Information

All orders are subject a 1-2 day handling time, and are delivered via 5 business day FedEx Service

Château Canon Chaigneau is delighted to partner with Gironde Logistics for it’s USA based private client importation & onward delivery.

Gironde Logistics has a long history of importing wine from Europe, South America and South Africa and has extensive relationships with domestic and international logistics providers.

Through these partnerships, as well as a network of self-operated and third-party facilities, they provide their clients with a complete set of importation services including consolidation of wine at source, arranging and coordinating trans-oceanic wine shipments, management of United States import documentation and processes, and clearing services for wine imported into the United States.  

On the domestic side, Gironde Logistics arranges for direct shipment to our centrally-based East Coast or West Coast facilities, warehouse inventory and storage services, as well as “last-mile” shipment of wine within the United States.  

Their experienced staff provide a personal, focused approach, ensuring that your specific business needs and goals are timely achieved.  With their extensive wine importation experience, they guide wine importers and distributors of all sizes through the complexities of the importation anddistribution process, thereby dramatically reducing time-to-market and significantly lowering overall costs. 

Wines arrive by courrier in optimal condition for their clients upmost drinking, or storing, pleasure.